95,000 ฿

In midsummer, ice cream is a moment of happiness.

Ikumi Nakada 2020 Summer New Series Limited Sculpture

◥ Ice Cream Phantom Ice Cream Phantom Release notice ◤

When I was young, did I ever own a doll or toy that I loved very much? I imagined that it was like a human being, able to talk to us, stay with us for a lot of time, and play with us from morning to night.

Now, the flies of time silently push this memory away, and after all, this intimate baby has been living in the storage box at home for many years. However, with the prolonged catalysis of these profound and treasured ideas, “Fu Mengshen” may come!

In the context of Japanese culture where everything is alive, Nakata Ikumi often fantasizes about favorite objects around him, which have the appearance of gods, and many creative pictures often appear in such themes.

In 2017, Ikumi Nakata incorporated the Japanese concept of “fusangshen” into western ice cream and created the oil painting “Ice Cream Phantom”.

In the summer of 2020, Yunqing Art will launch a limited edition sculpture of the work “Ice Cream Phantom”, which conveys happiness and love in the hot summer with a little bit of sweetness.

– Body H21xW11xD11.5cm

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